Water Supplies in Scotland

Measures to support Business Water customers in Scotland

To help support businesses impacted by COVID-19, we have introduced two temporary relief schemes:

  1. The Prepayment Refund Scheme (the PRS) – if you have prepaid your water charges (e.g. you’ve paid 12 months in advance), you can ask us to refund prepayments for services we haven’t yet provided.
  2. The COVID Support Scheme (the CSS) – if your business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19, you can apply for a temporary deferral of your water charges if your water meter is 25mm or smaller1 or if you are charged for surface water drainage only. If you don’t have a meter but have previously applied to have one, you can also apply to remove your volumetric charges2.

If you wish to apply for the COVID Support Scheme then please click here.


1 See Water Charges page of your bill to find your meter size.
2 Fixed Charges and Drainage Charges will still apply.