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What is Cloud Voice?

Cloud Voice is a cloud-based business phone service that goes where you go, meaning you are not restricted to a single place of work to make and take phone calls.

It’s all in the cloud, so you can pick up where you left off on multiple devices or check your voicemails when you’re on the go, all from one phone number.

  • Calls to your premises
  • Calls to your employees
  • Calls to your mobile

That’s Cloud Voice.

What is Ultrafast Fibre Broadband?

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) delivers Ultrafast Fibre Broadband using pure fibre optic cables on the network maintained by Openreach.

This simply means there are no copper wires involved and fibre connects all the way from the exchange direct to your premises, so you no longer share connectivity with the neighbours. This means that you get a consistently faster and more reliable internet connection at all times.

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband:

  • Up to 900Mbps download speed available1
  • Fibre that’s more reliable than copper

Keeping you connected

Why does my business need to make the switch?

Traditionally there has been a great divide between phone and IT systems, but today’s communications mean those worlds have united. The traditional on-premise phone system is no longer a match for modern businesses.


Employees are mobile, teams are virtual and IT has moved to the cloud.


Traditional services on copper wiring networks won’t be available to purchase and you won’t be able to make changes to these services from 2023.


Traditional telephone services will be switched off and all businesses will have to switch to the new technology.

Why Unicom for Cloud Voice?

   One number anywhere

Calls reach your desk phone and mobile phone. Calls can be moved from one device to another without hanging up and a single voicemail box accessed from any device.

   Keep your existing number2

You can choose to keep your existing number or we can set up new numbers.

   Connect on multiple devices

You can receive calls on your desk phone or you can receive them on the go if you download our mobile app.

   Tailor your Cloud Voice service

Our support team can easily configure your phone system based on changing business requirements.

Connect on your mobile

The Android and iOS Cloud Voice Apps enable you to make and receive calls on any mobile device.

This is ideal for businesses who are regularly on the move. You can even continue calls started on another device, on your mobile when on the go.

FREE app available for each seat rental

Why Unicom for Ultrafast Fibre Broadband?

   Fast, reliable Broadband

Connect multiple devices with no buffering and guaranteed speeds.

   Connections you can rely on

There’s no downtime during set up, so you can quickly say hello to high-quality video calls and online collaboration with colleagues, customers or suppliers.

   Wireless router included and free installation

No tricky setup or configuration, we’ll send you a router and arrange a time and date for an Openreach engineer to set it up for you.

What can I expect from the service?

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband:

  • Up to 100Mbps download speed1
  • Up to 20Mbps upload speed1
  • Unlimited usage
  • Wireless router included

Or choose to upgrade your speed:

  • Up to 200Mbps download speed1   |   Up to 30Mbps upload speed1
  • Up to 300Mbps download speed1   |   Up to 50Mbps upload speed1
  • Up to 500Mbps download speed1   |   Up to 75Mbps upload speed1
  • Up to 900Mbps download speed1   |   Up to 150Mbps upload speed1

If we are unable to provide the speed requested on the contract, we’ll provide you with the fastest speed available and which will be charged as set out in the Charges Schedule.

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1 The actual speed you will receive is subject to time of day, location, premises wiring and wi-fi connection.

2 If we are unable to process the porting of your existing number then we’ll contact you to agree the next steps.

3 If you’re offered a better deal within 30 days of transferring to Unicom, just send us the full details by email to and we’ll BEAT that price or allow you to cancel without charge. You’ll just need to pay for the services provided during your time with us. Applies to seat rental, UK call services and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband. Competitor’s offer must include prices for all call types, any applicable call set up or minimum call charges, seat rental and all other services, and must be for business services in the UK.

When you transfer your telephone service to cloud voice you will need to check that your equipment, such as alarm services, red care or PDQ machines are contactless enabled. Incompatible products will no longer work after the service is transferred.