Deemed Contract

Deemed contract rates for power

A deemed contract will apply where a customer remains supplied by Unicom but has not agreed a contract.  This results in the customer paying a deemed rate for the electricity or gas supplied.  Electricity and gas pricing are subject to market conditions and as such fluctuate on an hourly basis, creating a high level of uncertainty which is reflected in higher pricing than contracted prices in order to cover spikes in power purchases.

If you are currently being charged deemed rates please contact our Customer Service Team on 0161 946 4444 who will arrange for you to enter into a contract, allowing us to pre-purchase your power and lock in a lower price.

What is the difference between deemed contract customers and out of contract customers?

Deemed contract – this is where gas or electricity (or both) are supplied to a premises and one in which customer is using a product (gas, electricity or both) at said premises, without entering into a formal agreement for those services. So for example, when a customer moves into a new premises and uses the existing supplier.

Out of Contract customers – this is where a customer has terminated their contact but has not left to utilise another supplier after the fixed contract end date.

Standard variable rate – this is where a customer has passed their contract end date and not agreed a new fixed price contract.

Rates effective from 01/04/2022:

Electricity New Rates effective from 01/04/2022:

Gas New Rates effective from 01/04/2022:

Rates effective 01/02/2022:

Current Energy Rates:

Current Gas Rates:

Take advantage of contracted rates

If you are currently being charged deemed rates and would like to take advantage of our lower contract rates please call us on 0161 946 4444.