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Find the most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you are unable to find your answer please contact our Customer Service team on 0161 946 4444.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Water

    We require your Supply Point IDs (SPID) from your current provider’s bill. There are usually two on your bill, one for your water supply and another for your waste water. There may be more. We need all of your SPIDs to switch everything otherwise you may continue to get a bill from your previous provider. The transfer usually takes 14 – 28 working days.

    Supply Point Identification Number is the reference used to identify which services your premises receives. Your property may have multiple supply points (if you are connected to the mains at several different points due to the design of the property) or it may only have a water or sewerage connection if you have a private set up on site for either. Drainage is normally included on a sewerage SPID.

    You’ll be billed monthly, which allows you to check your bills more regularly and spreads the cost out more evenly over the year. Payment will be collected by Direct Debit no less than 7 days after the bill is sent to you, typically on or around the 24th of the month. Direct Debit collection dates cannot be amended.

    Yes, you can view your bills online via Customer Zone. We recommend email billing which is simple and free to set up.

    In the event of an emergency, you should contact us immediately on 0161 946 4444 or call the wholesaler in your local area directly.