Water Deemed Contracts

If you have not agreed a formal contract with us but we are supplying your water services, you have a deemed contract with us.

Why would you be a Deemed Customer?

You may be a Deemed Customer because you may have recently moved into a premises where we already provide the water services.

What does this mean for my contract with you?

As a Deemed Customer, you are supplied under our Standard Terms and Conditions which can be found here and your services are charged at our Default Rate. For customers in Scotland, your current Default Tariff effective 2023-2024 can be found here. To see your Default Tariff effective 1st April 2024 click hereFor customers in England, the Default Tariff for your area can be found on your Customer Zone.

If you would like to discuss the contracts and discounts available with us, please contact us on 0161 946 4444.