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Telecoms & Broadband Troubleshooting

Experiencing issues with your Broadband or Landline? Try our simple checks to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Telecoms

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a telecoms fault, you can report the fault online by logging in to Customer Zone or by calling our customer service team. We will carry out live line tests and advise you on any simple equipment checks you can carry out yourself. Alternatively, to see if there are any major issues in your area that might be affecting services, use the below online checker by simply typing your postcode in to the box.  If a major problem has been identified in your area you’ll see what’s caused it, when it was reported and an indication of when it should be fixed.

If following these checks the fault is still present then, following time related charge confirmations, we will liaise with BT Openreach engineers on your authority to rectify the fault as soon as possible, keeping you fully updated every step of the way. On certain occasions it may be possible to offer you a temporary call diversion facility.

Yes, you can take advantage of the online tools we offer by signing up to the Customer Zone. This will give you access to your invoices online, you can test your telephone line for faults and you can benefit from the ongoing introduction of new tools we are developing to manage your account.

A care level is a level determining the speed in which your fault will be responded to by BT Openreach. Unicom offers four types of cover which are explained in more details here. Please feel free to contact us on 0161 946 4444 to change your care level.

BT Openreach support communication suppliers like Unicom by providing and maintaining the access network, allowing us to provide a service to you. BT Openreach provide this service to Unicom, BT Retail, and other suppliers in a like for like manner.

By contacting Unicom, we will liaise with BT Openreach on your behalf to resolve the issue as a matter of priority based on your selected care level in exactly the same way as any other supplier. The advantage of reporting your fault with Unicom however, is that you are able to come straight through to us, allowing us to log your fault with BT Openreach engineers immediately without delay.

This depends completely on the nature of the fault. All faults will be responded to as priority according to your care level. Fault resolution times all vary depending on the necessary work required. We will however communicate directly with BT Openreach at regular intervals to seek a resolution as soon as possible, and keep you fully updated on the progress of the fault.

Beware of recorded messages offering prizes or other incentives, claimable only by calling 090 numbers. These calls can be very expensive and there is no guarantee of a prize.If you are unsure about a premium rate charge on your telephone bill you can check with Phone-paid Services Authority, a telephone watchdog. For more information please visit: you have a telephone system there are a few simple steps you can take to protect your system from unauthorised use, potentially saving you thousands of pounds:

  • Check your monthly bill for any unusual charges.
  • Ensure you change the default/factory password settings on the telephone system.
  • Regularly change the Direct Inward System Access passwords and restrict access to these passwords.
  • Do not publish remote access telephone numbers (numbers that connect callers to your voice mail system).
  • Remove/de-activate any functions you don’t need, especially un-required remove access ports.
  • Deactivate access codes and voice mail passwords immediately when someone leaves your business.
  • Clean up the number of mailboxes by removing redundant mailboxes.
  • If possible, have your system programmed to reject access if three invalid attempts are made.
  • Carry out a regular audit on the privileges and restrictions in place on the telephone system.

Business Broadband

Broadband speeds can vary from customer to customer as they are dependent on both line length and quality from the exchange. We can provide a download speed of up to 17 Mbps* with our broadband and fibre, or up to 76 Mbps* download speed with our Unlimited fibre package which, is based on the fact that a minimum of 10% of users on the network achieve this speed and above. We also use Dynamic Line Management which constantly seeks to optimise the speed and stability of your broadband service.

The chance of you noticing any downtime is unlikely during a transfer of services. However, like all service providers, we can’t guarantee there will be no downtime but please be aware there may be temporary downtime with our Fibre packages.

Business Fibre Broadband

Unlike ordinary ADSL Broadband, Fibre Broadband uses high speed fibre optic cables from the exchange to your Principal Connection Point – the green cabinet in the street. This means that you should get much faster download and upload speeds.

We will aim to provide you with download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps with our Absolute Fibre package and download speeds of up to 38Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps for our Essential Fibre package. The actual speed you will receive is subject to line distance from the Principal Connection Point – the green cabinet in the street – to your premises and line quality. It is unlikely you will receive a download speed of 76Mbps, but we will provide you with the fastest speed available on your line. Speeds vary significantly by location. The further you are from your PCP the lower your speed will be. Also, external factors e.g. internet congestion and premises wiring can also significantly affect speed.

The guide time is 19 days subject to engineer availability, however we will always seek to provide the service at the earliest opportunity and we will liaise with you to arrange a suitable appointment time.

No, not everyone can get fibre. Your premises needs to be served by a fibre enabled exchange in order for us to supply you with fibre broadband. However, we can perform a simple line test to let you know if fibre is currently available to you: click here.

Business Mobile

Call our lost/stolen hotline on 0161 946 4812. This line is available 24 hours a day, but is only available for reports of lost or stolen handsets.

If you have a Unicombox email address you would like to access from your mobile phone, please do so via our webmail interface:

Yes. If you obtain a PAC (Porting Authorising code) from your previous provider we can port your number over so it remains the same.

The majority of handsets can be used with a Unicom SIM card. The only time a handset may not work is if it has been ‘network locked’ so only SIM cards from your previous provider can be used. If your SIM card does not work in your handset you should contact your previous provider and request they unlock your phone. Alternatively pop into one of the numerous independent shops which offer handset unlocking services.

Yes! There is a common misconception that unlocking a handset is illegal, one the mobile phone companies (unsurprisingly) aren’t keen to dispel. The confusion arises because unlocking and unblocking are often mixed up, yet mean different things.

• Unlocking is legal. This means making the phone work with any SIM card.

• Unblocking is illegal. This is the practice of making a phone work again after it has been blocked by the networks, usually as a result of it being reported lost or stolen. Unsurprisingly, it is illegal and should not be attempted.