Quick Start Guide

Speedtouch 516/ Technicolor 582 quick start guide

If you have opted to use a wireless router supplied by Unicom you will receive this when your new broadband supply first goes live with Unicom. This date can be found on your Unicom broadband start letter which will also include details of your Unicom broadband username and password. If you have not received your modem pack by this date, please call Unicom customer services on: 0161 946 4444.

1. Before setting up the equipment please ensure the modem pack contains the following: modem/ router, 2 micro-filters, RJ11 cable, ethernet cable, power cable and plug adapter.  If any are missing please contact customer service on 0161 946 4444.

2. Locate the master socket for the telephone line we provide your broadband on.  If you need assistance in doing this please click here.

3. Unplug any equipment connected into the telephone socket and plug the micro-filter directly into the master socket.

4. Next connect the RJ11 cable from the micro-filter to the back of the modem.

5. Reconnect any other equipment previously connected to the phone socket to the other end of the micro-filter.

6. Connect the ethernet cable from the back of the modem directly into the back of the computer/ laptop.

7. Attach the plug adapter to the power cable

8. Connect the power cable to the back of the modem and finally to the mains power supply.

9. Turn on modem using the power button located on the back of the modem.

Your broadband supply should now be connected and ready to use, to confirm this please take note of the 4 lights found on the front of the modem/ router. For your broadband to be working correctly the lights should be lit up in the following configuration: