Outlook 2003

Non Unicom E-mail: Configuring Outlook Express

1. First step is to check your connections are correct. To do this:1. First step is to check your connections are correct. To do this:

Open Outlook Express

On the top navigation bar click Tools

On the Drop down menu which appears click Accounts

2. You should then see this screen:
Gateway and LineOne users may see the following, which will work just as well:


3. Click the name of your connection, and then click the Properties button This should take you to the following screen. Ensure that on the General Tab screen (the first tab you see) your Name and E-mail address are entered correctly. In particular pay attention to the e-mail address section, ensure that the e-mail address is entered in lower case.

Note: some Tinyonline users have usernames in the format yourname*tinyonline.co.uk. This will not work and you will not be able to pick up your e-mail. Any usernames or e-mail addresses in the format Yourname*tinyonline.co.uk should be changed to yourname@tinyonline.co.uk. If your e-mail address is not yourname@tiscali.co.uk, you will expect to see the following

4. If your e-mail address appears like this yourname@yourname.worldonline.co.uk or yourname@yourname.screaming.net the format is incorrect and is probably why you are having problems collecting your mail. Change it to the format given above. And then click Apply. Now click the Servers tab. 

5. On the Servers tab ensure that the Incoming and Outgoing mail server addresses are correct and that the account name is your full e-mail address. Also ensure that there are no ticks in the Log on using Secure password authentication and in the Outgoing mail server section that the My Server requires authentication box is not ticked Gateway and LineOne users may see the following under the Incoming mail (POP3) and outgoing mail (SMTP) settings
LineOne users – pop3.lineone.net and smtp.lineone.net
Gateway users – pop3.ukgateway.net and smtp.ukgateway.net

6. These settings will work just as well and do not need to be changed. Click Apply if you need to make any changes Now click the connections tab. This takes you to this screen:

7. Here, ensure that there is a tick in Always connect to this account using and that Tiscali is selected in the drop down box. Click Apply if you need to make any changes to this screen. Then click the advanced tab, and you will see this screen:

8. Here, check that Outgoing mail (SMTP) is set to 25 and that Incoming mail (POP3) is set to 110. Also make sure that the server requires a secure connection checkboxes are clear. Click Apply and then Ok. Now try to send and receive.