Outlook 2002

Non Unicom E-mail: Configuring Outlook 2002

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Click on the tools tab on the top and then go to E-mail Accounts. Choose the option Add a new e-mail Account and then click the Next button.
  2. Choose the type of Server for your e-mail account. For a Tiscali account you can choose POP3.
  3. Click on the Next button. On this window, fill in the information of your name and the e-mail address which could be on Tiscali or any other e-mail account.
  4. Type the incoming and the Outgoing mail server names. For Tiscali, type the information below. If you are using any other e-mail address and unaware of the mail server names then you can click here for more information.Note:

    INCOMING MAIL SERVER = Leave blank, we cannot provide this information

    OUTGOING MAIL SERVER = smtp.dslconnect.co.uk

    Click Next button again. Click the Remember Password field so that in future you don’t get the authentication box every time you open your Outlook.

  5. Finally click on the Finish button.

If the below settings do not work then you may have an updated version of Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express.

In this event please refer to the Microsoft support website: http://support.microsoft.com