Mobile Phone Help

Need some help with your Unicom mobile phone? Find the most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you are unable to find your answer please contact our Customer Service Team on 0161 946 4444, or dial 500 from your Unicom mobile phone.

Do you offer any online tools?

Yes, you can take advantage of the online tools we offer by signing up to the Customer Zone. This will give you access to your invoices online, you can take advantage of the call reporting suite of tools, you can test your telephone landline for faults, and you can benefit from the ongoing introduction of new tools we are developing to manage your account.

My phone has been lost/stolen, what do I do?

Call our lost/stolen hotline on 0161 946 4812. This line is available 24 hours a day, but is only available for reports of lost or stolen handsets.

If following these checks the fault is still present then, following time related charge confirmations, we will liaise with BT Openreach engineers on your authority to rectify the fault as soon as possible, keeping you fully updated every step of the way. On certain occasions it may be possible to offer you a temporary call diversion facility.

What is a temporary call diversion facility?

A temporary call diversion (TCD) is a facility where you may divert all your calls from your faulty line to a destination number of your choice until the fault has been resolved.

How do I retrieve my voicemail?

Call 555 from your mobile phone handset to be connected to your voicemail.

What are your picture message settings?

APN: tslmms
APN Username: empty
APN password: empty
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MMS url: http://mms

What are your internet settings?

APN: tslpaymoanet
APN Username: empty
APN Password: empty
MMS Proxy:
Port: 8080
MMS URL: http://mms

What are the email settings?

If you have a Unicombox email address you would like to access from your mobile phone, please do so via our webmail interface:

You will need to enter:

Field Description Example
(if email address =
User: Your username test
Pass: Your password testpassword
Domain Either or depending on your email address

Many handsets have an inbuilt email client. Please note that the and domains do not have an SMTP server, which may be required if using an inbuilt email client, and we therefore recommend using the web login site above.

My phone is asking for a PUK code, what do I do?

If you have activated the SIM card security feature you will be required to enter a PIN. If this code is entered incorrectly 3 times the SIM will lock you out until a PUK (Phone Unlocking Key) is entered. This is for your protection in the event that your mobile has been lost or stolen.

If you have accidentally locked your SIM card please contact our Customer Service Team on 0161 946 4444 who will be able to provide you with your PUK.

How do I withhold my number?

Dial 141 before entering the telephone number you wish to dial to withhold your telephone number.

For example, if calling 01619464444 you would dial 14101619464444.

How do I set up internet and picture messages on Android phones?

In order to access the internet and send MMS picture messages please follow this guide.

Will my mobile work while abroad?

Yes, International Roaming is activated on your SIM card by default. When you enter an EU country, the SIM will automatically select the preferred network to be used in that country. As soon as the mobile is registered on the preferred network’s Visitor Location Register (VLR) you will receive an automatic text message to advise of the maximum costs for calls you will have to pay in that country (only within the EU).

The charges in this text message only apply when you call from within one EU country to another EU country. If you are calling to or from a non-EU country, i.e. calling Spain to USA, you may be charged at a higher rate.

You may be charged for receiving calls, texts and voicemail messages in certain countries. If you are travelling abroad and wish to switch off your voicemail, please call our mobile support team on 0161 946 4444 and they will be happy to help.

*Working days only. Response time means the time taken to diagnose a fault, not repair a fault.