Website Development Complaints Procedure

We understand that things can sometimes go wrong and in recognition of that, we have produced the 3 stage complaint process:

Stage 1

Any customer complaints relating to our service should be made in the first instance to our customer service department, who will make all reasonable endeavours to resolve any complaints raised. Complaints can be raised by telephoning 0161 946 4444, emailing or by writing to Customer Services, Unicom, No. 1 Dovecote, Old Hall Road, Sale M33 2GS.

Stage 2

If you remain dissatisfied with the resolution offered by customer services, you can request that the complaint is escalated by telephoning 0161 946 4444 and asking for the escalation team, faxing 0161 946 4445, emailing or by writing to The Escalation Team, Unicom, No. 1 Dovecote, Old Hall Road, Sale M33 2GS.

Stage 3

Any unresolved complaint will be transferred to the compliance department, who will conduct a detailed investigation of the complaint and provide a formal written response to the customer within 28 days of the complaint being transferred to the compliance department. This process may include speaking to the customer to document the course of events that led to the complaint and request any documentary evidence from the customer or third parties, to assist the compliance department with their investigation. The compliance department can be contacted by telephoning 0161 946 4995, emailing or by writing to The Compliance Department, Unicom, No. 1 Dovecote, Old Hall Road, Sale M33 2GS.

Unicom aims to resolve all complaints to the satisfaction of the customer. This must be balanced against an obligation to any staff member concerned and to the commercial reality of the customer’s contractual obligations.

Compensation will be considered where appropriate, if genuine fault can be established.