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Exclusive to existing Unicom customers.


Unlimited calls and texts with all contracts2

All Unicom Mobile contracts now come with unlimited calls and texts so your business can be wherever you are.


A wide variety of Data bundles to choose from

With 1GB, 3GB, 10GB and 30GB Data packages available, we’ve got the bundle that’s right for you.


Keep your existing mobile number

Think it’s too disruptive to switch? Think again. Keep the existing number your customers already have when you switch to us.


Call divert from your Unicom landline to your mobile

With our call divert feature, all business queries to your Unicom landline can be diverted to your mobile.

Looking for a SIM-only contract? We can help.

Need a new handset?

Choose from one of our wide range of handsets3. We offer a 10% discount when you buy your handset upfront, or you can spread the cost across your contract term.

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  1. Based on a SIM-only deal with unlimited call and texts plan with no data.
  2. Restricted to a maximum of 99 distinct numbers, beyond this usage will be charged at the applicable out of bundle cost. See the Charges Schedule for details.
  3. Handset range may vary depending on stock availability when you place your order. Colour shown may differ to colour provided. A one-off charge may apply depending on the handset selected.