Broadband Interruption

Some customers using Zyxel routers are experiencing a fault with their router which is causing an interruption to their broadband service.

If you have any loss of broadband connection and the router model you are using is a Zyxel, then please follow the below instructions to get you back online.

Read all of the steps before performing the recovery:

Stage 1 – Remove DSL Cable from the router. This is typically a grey cable connected on the far right hand side of the router.

Stage 2 – Reboot your router. Push in the black on/off button, wait for 5 seconds then push the button again.  The power light will flash whilst it reconnects and shows a stable green colour when fully reset.

Stage 3 – Reset router. When light has stabilised, insert a paperclip into the reset hole until the power light and DSL light flash together.  This takes around 30 seconds.  When the lights flash together remove the paperclip and the router will reboot.  Turn the router off and on once more.

Stage 4 – Reconnect DSL cable. Reconnect the grey DSL cable.  The internet light will flash for between 20-40 seconds before turning a solid green colour.  This will complete the reset and your router will be working correctly with the new firmware updated.

Step 5 – Wait for the router to come online, the firmware will be automatically applied. It may take a few minutes to stabilise, after that you should be able to browse.

If you are still unable to gain access, please call our customer service team on 0161 946 4444