What are smart meters and what do they do?

You’ve probably heard about smart meters, but you’d be forgiven for not being 100% clear on what they are and why we need them.  

As Unicom rolls out smart meter technology to more and more customers up and down the UK, we’re here to explain what they are, how they work and, importantly, what they mean for you.  


What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are electronic devices installed in your premises that send information about your energy use to your supplier via a wireless network.  

More than 22 million smart meters have already been fitted in homes and businesses in Great Britain.  


What are the benefits of installing a smart meter?

Having a smart meter means you’ll get more accurate bills based on a live picture of the energy you’ve used.  

This accurate month-on-month view helps you to understand your energy usage and reduce waste, which is great both for your pocket and for the environment. On a national and global level these savings could amount to a significant reduction in overall carbon emissions, which can only be a good thing! 

If you’re a Unicom customer and you opt in we’ll arrange to install a second-generation smart meter at your premises, free of charge.  


Will a smart meter save me any money?

Having a smart meter won’t change your energy prices, but your bills will be based on the energy you’ve actually used and you’ll be able to accurately monitor your usage to reduce waste 


Why is Unicom rolling out smart meters?

Smart meters are an upgrade to the country’s energy system, allowing us to move towards a so-called ‘smart grid’. Improved data on energy use in homes and businesses makes it easier for planners to predict energy peaks and create a more effective, efficient and reliable network.  

All energy providers will be contacting their customers to offer smart meter installations, helping the country move towards this more efficient network.   


How do I get a smart meter?

If you’re a Unicom Business Energy customer and you’d like to switch your meter, simply fill in the form by clicking the link below and we will arrange for installation.


I’d like a smart meter