How often do employees speak to their bosses in one day?


New research from Unicom has shown has shown that the average UK employee speaks to their boss 21 times every day.

Bosses need to communicate with their employees

Unicom is an energy and telecoms provider that is dedicated to providing first-rate service to over 100,000 SMEs across the UK.

As such we understand the importance of communication between employees and their bosses. Recently we surveyed the opinions of 1,000 SME decision makers and owners to determine the role telecommunications played in facilitating this vital communication.

Unicom survey reveals how often employees talk to their bosses

Our research found that on average, employees in the UK speak to their bosses on the phone 21 times every day. Meanwhile 20% of employees speak to their bosses 30 times in one day whilst 10% communicate with their superiors a staggering 60 times per day.

The research also showed when employees take calls. It showed that 31% of people are expected to take calls outside of working hours and after 7pm, 17% check their work phones whilst in the bathroom, almost 20% take a call from the boss whilst having dinner, 27% will accept a call during a film yet only 18% feel like they’re able to refuse a call from their superior outside of the office.

“Mobile communications have revolutionised the way we live and work.”

The Unicom research also showed that people expect to take calls from their boss outside of working hours. 29% said they are OK with this alteration to their work/life balance whilst 19% hate this change but accept it as a part of modern working life.

Unicom CEO Chris Earle commented on the research. Earle said: “Mobile communications have revolutionised the way we live and work and for many of us, striking the right balance is tricky.

“Finding ways to stay in the work loop and be present for friends and family is something we’re all working hard to do. Never the less, mobile phones are an essential business tool that no business can do without.  Unicom’s range of packages enables the small business owner to select the right solution for them and their employees however they choose to actively use their phones.”