Customer Case Study: Absolute Hair

Here at Unicom, we love to hear from our long-standing customers so we jumped at the opportunity to catch up with Michael Kavanagh, Owner and Director of Absolute Hair, who has been with us since 2010.

Located just off the High Street in Urmston, Manchester, Absolute Hair has built up their customer base over the last 10 years through word of mouth and a 5* rating online. Michael Kavanagh first signed up to Unicom for Telecoms, and added Broadband in 2016. For him, there has been no reason to consider other suppliers.

‘The reason why we have chosen to stay with our phone line is the customer service has been great, I have been happy with the rates so there wasn’t a reason to change.’ Mr Kavanagh explains.

By adding Broadband to his package, they were then able to give their customers that little bit extra whilst they are in the salon. ‘We added Broadband because we had a lot of customers asking if we offered WiFi and the answer was always no. But now our customers can come in and do work whilst they are with us.’

‘I like working with Unicom because the customer service has been great over the years. If there ever have been any issues with the Telecoms or the Broadband, the team has been great.’

Whilst like no provider Unicom cannot prevent faults from happening, we can do our best to fix them as soon as possible and that has been Mr Kavanagh’s experience. ‘For example, we had an issue where the phone lines went down in the local area but Unicom had it sorted by the next day and also diverted the calls to my mobile so we didn’t miss any bookings.’

Despite other suppliers trying to win their custom, the Unicom and Absolute Hair partnership looks set to continue for many more years ‘I don’t ever feel I need to change or entertain any other companies.’ says Mr Kavanagh.

Watch the full case study video to hear it from Mr Kavanagh himself.