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Avoid rising energy prices. FIX your Gas & Electricity costs with Unicom today.

No price increases for 3 years!* What have you got to lose?

In a contract?

Don’t worry. You can still FIX your energy costs at today’s prices. All you have to do is click the LOA button opposite, complete and sign the form and then we will be able to contact your supplier directly and make the arrangements for when your contract expires.

Why fix your prices?

Energy prices fluctuate fairly frequently, however, if you look at the trends over an extended period, it doesn’t make great reading for businesses.

Fixing your energy prices for a period as long as 3 years could be hugely beneficial and lead to significant savings.

Don’t worry if you’re in a contract with another supplier, we can still fix your prices at today’s rates ahead of a switch when your contract ends.

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Why Unicom?

Renewable energy

If you’d like to find out where our electricity supply comes from take a look at our fuel mix document by clicking here.

You’ll see that there is a 21% increase in the total amount of renewable electricity sourced from renewable fuels and supplied by Unicom compared to the national average!


* The fixed prices may be varied as per your Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available at