Treating Customers Fairly

Treating Customers Fairly Statement

Unicom is a responsible company and recognises all legislative and regulatory compliance issues, in conjunction with its internal compliance controls. You can request a copy of this statement, which will be provided free of charge, by contacting our customer service team on 0161 946 4444. A PDF version of this statement can be viewed here.

In accordance with the introduction of Ofgem’s Standards of Conduct, we have produced this statement which reaffirms our commitment to treating you, our customer, fairly. The Standards of Conduct refer to our energy Micro Business Customers.

What we expect

We ensure that all customers entering into an agreement with Unicom for their energy supply fully understand the nature of the agreement, and intend to proceed with the transfer. We do not tolerate any form of mis-selling or misrepresentation from anyone representing the company.

We ensure that we provide our customers with protection from harmful conduct arising from irresponsible sales and marketing activity and we also ensure good practice and responsible selling.

Unicom believes that the customer experience is of utmost importance and we expect our staff:

  • To be courteous and professional at all times
  • To be able to explain the products and services provided by Unicom
  • To be aware of and comply with Ofgem’s Standards of Conduct
  • Not to misrepresent any services offered by Unicom or other service providers

We are happy to listen to any feedback which you can provide to us, and welcome any comments which you wish to make.

Unicom conducts regular training sessions with our sales staff to reaffirm the commitment which we have made to our customers. These training sessions allow our sales staff to be provided with the most up to date knowledge to provide the customer with the information which they need to make the right decision.

What we will provide to you

We will confirm the details of the energy contract agreed in writing to you, whether the agreement is concluded verbally or in writing. Our contracts are set out in such a format which provides the customer with an overview of the services being supplied under the contract and general terms of supply and are complete, accurate and not misleading. Key features of the contract are given prominence. The below features appear clearly on the contracts:

  • Contact details for the company, including our postal address, telephone and facsimile numbers, email address and website address
  • Minimum period of supply
  • Terms and conditions of supply
  • Features of service
  • Payment terms
  • Customer service opening hours

We will also confirm in writing the start date of your energy supply. All communication is written in plain and intelligible language.

We have made it easy for you to contact us

If you have a question or concern, our dedicated customer service team are here to listen and help you, they are available between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. We don’t use automated answering services and our customer service centre is UK based. You can contact us by:

  • Telephoning: 0161 946 4444
  • Faxing: 0161 946 4445
  • Emailing:
  • Writing to: Unicom, Universal House, Longley Lane, Manchester, M22 4SY

We will also confirm in writing the start date of your energy supply. All communication is written in plain and intelligible language.

Helping to make life easier

We want to ensure that we provide our customers with the best service that we can. In order to ensure this, we are able to provide additional support to those who need it, especially those who are [60] years of age and over, living with a disability or illness, or have other specific requirements, for example, do not have English as a first language. If you consider that you require additional assistance, then please contact our Customer Services Department and talk to one of our representatives. Our representatives are there to listen and will endeavour to assist you as much as they can.

Sometimes things can go wrong

We understand that things can sometimes go wrong. Unicom have produced complaints procedures’ to assist in resolving any issues you may have. We will act promptly and courteously when dealing with you and will work with you to ensure that your problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. We will ensure that our customer service arrangements and processes are fit for purpose and are transparent.

We will continually monitor all of our processes to ensure that you are receiving the best customer service

Customer service is of utmost importance to us. We will conduct regular audits to check all aspects of the training of sales and marketing staff, paperwork, recordings, company documentation and the procedures involved to ensure that you, our customer receive the best possible service and to ensure that our arrangements and processes are fit for purpose.

What is a Micro Business?

Unicom is committed to treating all customers fairly and in accordance with this statement. For the purposes of clarification, a Micro Business Customer is defined as:

  • Using fewer than 293,000kWh of Gas per year or
  • Using fewer than 100,000kWh of Electricity per year or
  • Employing less than 10 employees and annual turnover of less than €2 million


Why we are trusted

Providing small businesses with quality products and customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We’re proud to be able to demonstrate this through the accreditations we have achieved, with our Operations Division gaining the following awards.