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Frequently Asked Questions

    ‘Green electricity’ is generated from renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, which supports a more sustainable environment as they will never run out. These sources can also be described as ‘clean’ energy sources.

    For every unit of electricity Unicom supplies, a snazzily named Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificate is purchased. These certificates allow Ofgem to verify the source of Unicom’s electricity.

    Unicom is dedicated to sustainability and the protection of the environment and by switching to green electricity, we’re showing our support for a cleaner and greener future by powering our customers with 100% renewable electricity. And, by absorbing the cost ourselves, we’re giving a little bit back to our valued customers.

    As of 1st September 2018, 100%** of our electricity is backed by renewable sources – so it is green and clean.

    Previously there was a view that green electricity was more expensive. Whilst other providers may offer a green tariff that is more expensive, Unicom’s green electricity comes at no extra cost. This is because we’re taking on the extra cost of going green ourselves, rather than increasing our customers’ costs.

    As a business, a huge benefit of ‘going green’ is that you will be doing your part for the environment and you don’t need to do a thing. From 1st September 2018, all the electricity we provide* is green, backed by renewable sources.

    By being with Unicom all our customers are helping to protect the planet. Every year, the typical business with kinex will save 4.57 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of 15,568 car miles and would need 183 trees to remove the same amount of carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere. (Sequester is the technical term if you’re feeling fancy.)***

    By showing your dedication to sustainability, you can improve your reputation and build credibility as a responsible business by displaying your ‘Backed by green’ certificate.

    Not at all. All Unicom customers will continue to receive the same quality product as before.

    Unfortunately not. It will, however, reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

    No, you won’t notice a thing. Apart from the glowing feeling inside knowing that your business is supporting a greener, cleaner environment.

    * This applies to all customers (excluding SSE customers) from 1st September 2018. Customers supplied by SSE will be able to go green at the point of renewal.
    ** Unicom reserves the right to change its fuel mix at any time. 
    *** Based on an annual average consumption of 13,000 kWh, valid as of 15/04/2020. Calculated using and