No Connection

1. Are you experiencing any problems with your telecoms services?

- Yes- you may have a telecoms fault- click here for more information

- No- please proceed to step 2.

2. Has the service ever worked since going live with Unicom?

- No- your broadband supply may not be setup correctly, please follow our first time setup guide. If this has been followed and is still not working please proceed to step 3.

- Yes- please proceed to step 3.

3. Does your modem/router have a solid dsl light?

- No- If your dsl light is flashing or off please follow this guide.

- Yes- proceed to step 4.

4. Do you have a green flashing/ solid internet light?

- Yes- please proceed to step 5.

- No- your modem/ router may not be configured correctly. Please follow this guide for more information.

5. Are you trying to access the broadband wirelessly?

- Yes- please follow our “wireless troubleshooting” guide.

- No- please follow our “unable to view web pages” guide.