My DSL light is solid but the internet light is red/off

If you experience a red/ off internet light it normally indicates that router/ modem is either configured incorrectly or you are experiencing an outage.  To resolve an issue such as this please follow the steps below.

1. Has the service worked before with Unicom?

- No: go to step 2.
- Yes: proceed to step 6.

2. Is the service live?

- The activation date for your Unicom Broadband supply can be found on your Broadband Start letter.  If you have not received this or have lost this document, please call Unicom Customer Services for assistance on 0161 946 4444.

3. Confirm the equipment is setup correctly as per the quick start guide

4. Are you connected to the correct line?

- A DSL light simply indicates that the modem/ router is detecting a broadband connection. Unfortunately, it cannot identify if you are connected to the correct broadband supply. You can check if you are connected to the correct line by plugging a corded telephone into the socket, and dialling 147017070.  You will then have an automated message played telling you which phone number you are dialling from.

5. Are you using the correct modem/ router?

- All equipment we send out for use with our broadband supplies should be sent out preconfigured.  If we supply you with more than one broadband connection then you should have received a router/ modem for each supply. Each router/modem will be preconfigured with credentials specific to the individual broadband supply. Please try connecting each modem/ router to confirm that you are not simply using the wrong equipment on the wrong line.

6. Reboot the modem/router

- Turn off the router/ modem by pressing the power button on the back of the modem. Leave this off for 10/15 seconds then turn back on by pressing the power button again. 

7. Check the settings on the modem/ router

- Reconfigure the modem by following our basic setup guide

8. Reset and reconfigure the modem/ router

- Resetting your modem/router will wipe all settings and restore to factory defaults.  This will mean that your internal network will need to be reconfigured.  This includes reconnecting wireless devices, printers and PDQ machines etc.  Unicom are not responsible for reconfiguring any internal network you may use and are only responsible for ensuring there is a working broadband connection to the premises.
- Reset the modem/ router by inserting a paperclip into the reset pinhole on the back of the modem.  Hold this down until the power light turns red.
- Remove the paperclip and wait for the router to reboot, (complete when the DSL light turns solid green)
Reconfigure the modem by following our basic setup guide9. Try connecting to the broadband supply with an alternate router

- If you have any other modem/ routers that are compatible with an ADSL2+ broadband supply you can try connecting using one of these.  If after completing a basic setup the router still does not have a green internet light it would suggest a potential fault with your broadband supply. In this instance please contact Unicom Customer Services on 0161 946 4444.

If any of these steps result in a green internet light please try accessing the internet.  If you are still unable to access the internet with a green internet, please return to the no connection troubleshooting page for further diagnostics.